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Bloomex is a Canadian Online Flower Delivery company, offering various floral and gift arrangements throughout Canada and the U.S. via its online computerized system. The Bloomex website acts as a storefront allowing consumers worldwide to place orders online themselves, chat with a live agent or place orders through a 1-800 number. Bloomex has same day delivery to almost any location in Canada, and orders can be placed 24 hours a day. Bloomex has production facilities located in major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. Bloomex has 2 new divisions, Flowers Wholesale which offers flowers in bulk to the general population and Bloomex Wedding Flowers, where they have wedding consultants to help with wedding flower selections.

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Bloomex Reviews

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  • ordering flowers

    received a gift card about 3 years ago when I was given flowers for my birthday I recently found the gift card figured it was not still good but the lady I chatted with help me out and told me how to use the card when I ordered some flowers for my birthday I found just what I wanted and ordered it online this is a quick way to order flowers and I found it so easy to do this looking forward to receive more beautiful flowers this time like I received the first time and they have a quick delivery... More...
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  • horrible experience

    I placed an order with I asked about delivery time and the girl on the phone said same day delivery is between 12pm to 5pm. Which was fine because my wife gets off at 6pm. 5pm came and went.I called the phone number and low and behold no one was there to answer stated to use the live chat. I proceed with the live chat and then was told to wait for an email then the chat was disconnected. Flowers were not delivered and nobody has ever emailed me back. I had to fight with my cc company to get my money back. I would never use bloomex service again More...
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  • Bloomex a complete waste of time!

    Feb 15th holds a sentimental place in our family. It is the day my father passed away. This year we would be remembering this as the 15th anniversary of his death. I am painfully aware of the poor timing as it is the day after valentines. This year I wanted to send my mother a bouquet of flowers on this day to just say I'm thinking about you. I went on-line as I live in Ontario and she lives in British Columbia. I have used Bloomex in the past a never really thought twice. My mother has this amazing habit of taking pictures and sending them to show me what the flowers looked... More...
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  • Bloomex - dreadful service

    I mm in the UK and ordered a cream and pale yellow sympathy bouquet with full size card to be sent to Australia. I was appalled that a smaller, much cheaper looking bunch of bright yellow flowers was sent, that in no way resembled the flowers I had ordered . Bright yellow is not an appropriate colour for sympathy flowers. The full size sympathy card I had paid them for was missing. Bloomex told me that the correct order would be resent if I sent them a photo. I did so, but they ignored it. When I contacted them again, they said that they had placed a credit note for me in their system.... More...
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  • Messed up my order and was a day late

    Do not use this company !!! Picked this complany because they stated they do same day delivery. Attempted to order flowers and a nice card for Valentine's Day. Instead my gf got roses and a ugly card the day after. I had emailed bloomex the night of Valentine's Day and said. The day is over cancel my Oder that was at 9 and got nothing back that night. I got a hold of bloomex the next day to complain and they gave me every reason in the world why it was not their fault the flowers did not come that day ...BUT i got 15% my next order....haha what a joke. The order was 60 they... More...
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  • Bloomex Canada

    I ordered flowers for my mom that I paid extra to be delivered the same day, and instead it was two days late, and they were almost dead, did not look like the picture at all. When I called to complain, the man I spoke to said he was Joey Fernandez and was the "manager" and refused to give me more than $5 back from a $60 order, and then just hung up on me saying I was rude to complain. More...
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  • Bloomex Canada (Vancouver): No Delivery No Response No Refund

    Ordered Valentines Flowers (Red Roses) and Gourmet Chocolate gift basket on Feb 10, 2017 for delivery of Feb 14, 2017, charged my credit card. BEWARE do not order form this company they take your money and do not delivery the items ordered. Nothing has been delivered it is now Feb 16 2017. Made numerous phone calls which leads to voicemail and emails. No one from this company has called back and or emailed back. Took my money with no products and cant seems to get a hold of anyone to get a refund. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! More...
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  • Missing flowers, gift basket left at door

    I ordered the dozen roses and gourmet basket for my partner for Valentine's Day. Having paid the extra fee and having ordered in advance of the same day deal so it arrives in time for Valentine's days as planned, the gift doesn't arrive but stays in transit from 2pm until the next day at 11:30am. The order was for within the prescribed local areas of the same day delivery deal (Newmarket, which was flashing on the site as one of the areas) and was ordered at 9am (so before the 1pm deadline) so there shouldn't have been any issues with delivering it on time. I contacted... More...
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  • Horrible

    Order was to be delivered for the 14th, guaranteed delivery. Nothing was delivered. It was my first valentines and stupid me, I used bloomex. I got an email on order confirmation, package in transit, nothing delivered. Good job Bloomex!!! I called the customer service side and told them this scenario, they said that they have over 1000's of delivery, maybe they couldn't make it and then hung up on me. CALL ME AND TELL ME THAT THEY CANNOT MAKE IT Talk about loving their job Never again with Bloomex More...
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  • Fresh Flowers

    I ordered red roses to be delivered to the Royal York hotel in Toronto for my wife on Valentine's Day. When we arrived there were no flowers. I went to my email and found a tracking number. When I followed up I was told they didn't know where the Royal York was despite having the full postal address. Then they tried to blame it on the hotel that they wouldn't accept the flowers. Finally I was told the flowers where taken back to the distribution centre and they would try to deliver them on Feb 15th! You have got to be kidding me! This is the WORST company every -- DO NOT DEAL... More...
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    Ordered flowers for my gf to be delivered to her work by the time she got off which is 5pm. Their delivery said (12pm-5pm) they did not get delivered therefore the valentines surprise I had was ruined. Their customer service didn't even have the decency to reply back to me. This was a fu**in joke. Never will I ever order from this garbage site again. More...
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    bought flowers for my wife 2 weeks ago for Valentines Day.. I even had a separate order delivered to the Restaurant. When I arrived home from work @ 4PM on Valentines Day, the flowers had not been delivered. We had a 6:30PM booking for the restaurant so I decided to call Bloomex on both the 1800 and Sydney numbers provided. I finally got through after over an hour wait time only to my surprise the customer support personnel says "hello" and two seconds later hangs up on me. By that time, i figured OK not to panic as we were on schedule for t he restaurant booking. Upon arrival at... More...
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  • Poor flowers/customer service and many lies

    Received a gift basket for a birthday surprise. All the flowers were dead/in poor condition. Asked for some sort of replacement and they offered a gift basket instead of flowers. Received another poor flower set. Called back again and was told we would receive a gift basket to make up for the poor quality of the flowers x2. Have not received the basket. Called the company and was told they could not help or resolve the issue by a different manager!!!! Awful customer service. Beware!!! More...
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    I ordered a bouquet of flowers that was supposed to include a vase&card to be delivered that same afternoon as advertised on Bloomex's website. They were not delivered until the next morning left on the step it was -25 outside so the flowers we frozen & they were NOT the flowers I ordered no vase no card! When I contacted Bloomer they said they would redelivery through following Tuesday ... the original order was Wednesday! I asked them to cancel the order & was told the would not credit my credit card but would give me a $25 Bloomer credit. I SPENT $50 ! BLOOMEX STOLE... More...
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  • Bloomex SCAM

    If you want to lose your money buying flowers at please, go ahead. If you want to be Mocked by customer service ( Matt), please buy flowers from If you want to deal with an IGNORANT customer service please contact and ask for Matt, feel sorry for you buddy , deserve you . I am reporting this to MasterCard for their records, as this site/bussiness is a SCAM More...
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    I ordered a balloon bouquet and chocolates to be delivered to a hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I have nothing but great things to say about the service I received. This was my first time ordering something online to be delivered far from myself and used the online chat feature. All my questions were answered promptly and I even received a follow up phone call! The receiver said the bouquet was awesome and to my surprise a bear was included with the order. I would not hesitate to use again!! More...
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  • frozen flowers

    was sent flowers from bloomex they left them late at night and they froze. The flowers were for my dads passing. When I called they said they would ship new ones on Friday January 6, 2017. waited all day no flowers. When I called to check on them I was told we don't know when they'll come we'll send an email. It's now 8:oopm no flowers. They were for my dads funeral. Shame on you bloomex the days have been hard enough you suck More...
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  • Non delivery

    Ordered flowers from Edmonton to be sent to Langley on Christmas Day, paid extra, they did not receive them, called the company and said they would look into this and call back, They NEVER called back, I called again, they said they were looking into it and someone would call back, I said I want my money back, they hung up on me, They charged my credit card already without delivery. The person that was suppose to get it in Langley called and was told they were delivered, she said no it was the 25th we were home all day, no knock on the door or no one rang the door bell, the guy said he... More...
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  • Bloomex - terrible service

    I found bloomex and was super excited about what they had to offer for gift baskets. They offer same day delivery! Awesome! I asked via chat to confirm if same day delivery was available in my specific area and what the cost was. I was told yes and would be delivered this afternoon. I placed my order and paid 19.99 for my same day delivery to my office. I checked the status later in the day and the note says returned to Purolator. I called bloomex and was told it wasn't being delivered until tomorrow because of the area I was in. I told them well my office closes at noon... More...
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  • Bloomex ,worst business representatives ever

    Worst customer service ever , when I complained about flowers not been delivered was told it was on me and then they hung up.WTF ! Phone back and got another rude representative still no flowers but they claim they will investigate. Been 2 weeks no flowers , no refund and numerous rude reps. Will never use again and strongly discourage anyone from using this service and. Company . Should have stayed with local service and mom would have still gotten flowers for birthday . Well she is 81 and who really cares about this at Bloomex. More...
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  • Bloomex worst florist experience ever!

    Guaranteed delivery? It shipped a day late and it is still "in transit" through a parcel company not a florist!!! That is at best 4 days late!!!! Customer service is atrocious: "We are sorry we couldn't find a local florist to fill this order". Really? there are pages of local florist in the phone book. They took my money promptly but so far that all they have done! The DATE it needs to be delivered IS the most important! Please AVOID using Bloomex for all your flower or plants need. More...
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  • worst florist

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  • dead flowers delivery

    I placed the order was supposed to be a surprise gift , driver attempted delivery with dead flowers where receiver refused the delivery looking at dead flowers , driver said he will come back next day ... with fresh flowers . terrible experience was supposed to be a gift .when contacted call centre to ask for the delivery same day advised a supervisor will call next day . More...
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  • Flowers

    When I forget to order flowers in time I know that the Bloomex website (.ca or .com) provides same day delivery provided that I order by 1 p.m. There are lots of choices by flower, by occasion and by design and I have had great feedback from recipients. A few recipients have sent me thank you pictures of the bouquet because they loved the arrangements.Prices are good but delivery prices a little high although I do like the same day option. If I was to make a suggestion, the drop down menu could include flower colour as well. Also the Bloomex review website is frustrating to use but... More...
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  • Bloomex fails to deliver!

    I ordered flowers to my wife at home as she was having a rough day. I asked if the flowers would be delivered by 2:00 and they said 2:30 at the latest! I agreed to go ahead with the 47 dollar charge and was excited. Now it's 4:00 and the flowers haven't been delivered. I should of saved myself some money and picked some flowers up on the way home. Would've been quicker and cheaper which is pathetic! To top it off. I told her a friend was stopping by to borrow something from me that he needed for the night. Now she's mad at me because she's stayed at home waiting for... More...
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  • Flowers delivery super delayed.

    Ordered flowers to my wife at home and was promised they would be delivered by 14:00. 14:30 at the latest. It's now almost 16:00 and the flowers are still not delivered. Pretty sad that I will be home from work when the flowers arrive. And try convincing your wife that she has to stay at home waiting for the door to get her... well I don't want to ruin the surprise, but you can't leave! Pathetic service! I might as well of picked up flowers on the way home from work for half the price. More...
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  • IN AUSTRALIA DO NOT USE BLOOMEX, you'll regret it

    Bloomex took my order to deliver flowers to my partner for her birthday. They didn't deliver the flowers, provided no explanation, and didn't even apologise, saying the flowers could be delivered 5 days later! The staff were arrogant and rude, and said they needed to clear the line and hung up on me. After I complained they told me the reason they didn't deliver is that my flower of choice (roses) was not available at my time of order. Then why did they take my order?? More...
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  • Bloomex Flower Delivery

    Ordered FLowers at 8:30 (aprox) in the morning for a morning delivery, the extra delivery fee was extensive - nearly a third 1/3 of the entire purchase. (Ottawa store was only a few blocks away). The Flowers did not arrive until 1:30 in the afternoon. The blue vase in the picture is not included, ordered an extra blue vase which was never delivered. Called for a refund for the extra delivery charge and the blue vase that was never sent - call centre employee could not provide the refund, only a "note" with no promises. A 98$ order no less More...
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stephtodd says: (2 years ago)
Worst customer service ever....have a complaint don't expect a phone call back or a solution. Ordered an arrangement and something not even close was sent out!! Called 6 times to speak to someone and all I get back are emails! What a joke of a company!! DONT USE THIS COMAPNY....EVER!!

Unsatisffied says: (2 years ago)
It was so interesting to read all the negative comments. If I had known before receiving my basket for my 86th birthday, Te articles in the basket were so stale they are not eatable. How does this company stay in business. I am so disappointed. In this company. If i had read the comments before I would have warned my grand daughter, as I will do now. No more orders from us.

gubanovb says: (3 years ago)
very good service and good flowers.Keep it up!!

km604 says: (3 years ago)
Absolutely the worst flower delivery company ever!!! Mother's Day flowers arriving 3 days late and dead after paying extra for delivery!! No customer service, no refund! Garbage service. Will never order from this company again EVER!

am360 says: (3 years ago)
Really great experience all around.

Tim80 says: (3 years ago)
Flowers were rubbish, customer service was rubbish. Total scam. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

ranga says: (4 years ago)
A very bad experience. Lazy people with rotten attitude. Would not recommend anyone to use their service ever. The package was delivered late without any information, the people had no idea about he delivery services. I was asked to chk the order online myself. Getting hold of someone is very difficult aswell.

lhuynh says: (4 years ago)
Terrible service. I wish I read all the comment before I used the service. I order the flower for my mom birthday, paying for overprice vase too, expecting the flowers are already organize in the vase. The flowers arrived BUT not in the vase. I paid for an overprice vase because I expect beautiful organization from professional, but instead of the flowers a bundle in a small box. When I called Bloomex, they said that how they delivery flowers from the last 15 years! Terrible!

herman says: (4 years ago)
My mother's day flowers arrived by delivery from Canpar which rang my bell and left a box, drove away before I could open the door. If we hadn't been home, they would still be sitting there. Now, 3 days later, they mums are dropping their petals and quite honestly, this was a waste of money.

sarah5115 says: (4 years ago)
Terrible service. Total scam. I ordered flowers for delivery and they were never actually delivered despite being sent a confirmation that they had been. I have tried to be in touch with Bloomex at least six times to no avail. I have left numerous voicemail messages (have yet to speak with an actual person), sent emails (with no response) and tried an online chat (which indicated that all operators are busy and had to leave an offline message). I would like my money back but have not heard back. I am contemplating legal action.

Jamesdean says: (4 years ago)
Where the hell is my review? Bloomex sucks

Jobilen says: (5 years ago)
On June 27th, I placed a online order for flowers to be delivered in BC on June 29th. Watching the tracking number I realized they were not delivered and was notified by recipient that they never arrived. Called and spoke with sales rep. who was very indignant to me on the phone (I put the speaker on so others in the room could hear her yelling very loud at me) and she told me to read the policies and that the delivery of the order "was not going to happen" and they could resend it. This was for a 50th anniversary and it is now over and I just want a refund. Very obnoxious staff! They better refund me the money or I will just keep emailing and calling them. Never will I order from Bloomex again!

rosaprim says: (5 years ago)
Bloomex is the worst experience i have ever had. I ordered flowers for same day delivery, 3 days later i am still waiting for them to be delivered. I have emailed, called gone on that live chat and have had no response, this morning i recieved and email from them, that made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. I STILL DONT KNOW IF MY FLOWERS HAVE BEEN DELIVERED. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN AND WILL MAKE SURE I PUT COMMENTS LIKE THIS EVERYWHERE I SEE AND HEAR THERE NAME.

BloomexNOGOOD says: (6 years ago)
Very poor customer service. They never answer the phone when you click for "orders already placed". Trick is to click "new orders" and (OF COURSE) they'll take your call right away.

Lost my order and claimed to put an investigation on it but never offered to send a fresh new bundle.

They only respond to emails if you send the same one 28 times back to back. Don't bother sending 27 emails - it has to be 28 emails to get a response.

When you click "Operator is online. Click here for live help" there really is no operator as they never respond back.

I will never order from this site again and my advice would be to order from a trusted site that people can attest to with many positive comments.

Hope this helps in your future decision making process.


BloomexNOGOOD says: (6 years ago)
Very poor customer service. They never answer the phone when you click for "orders already placed". Trick is to click "new orders" and (OF COURSE) they'll take your call right away.

Lost my order and claimed to put an investigation on it but never offered to send a fresh new bundle.

They only respond to emails if you send the same one 28 times back to back. Don't bother sending 27 emails - it has to be 28 emails to get a response.

When you click "Operator is online. Click here for live help" there really is no operator as they never respond back.

I will never order from this site again and my advice would be to order from a trusted site that people can attest to with many positive comments.

Hope this helps in your future decision making process.


Melani says: (6 years ago)
Follow-up to prvious complaint. A representative just called, and an upgraded arrangement will be sent out on the 30th of December. She even gave me a time-frame. Thank you Bloomex, for taking responsibility.

john490 says: (6 years ago)
Very happy with my experience! Gift basket arrived on time with top notch ingredients! The value is way higher then at any one I saw at grocery store.

vtre142 says: (7 years ago)
Ne perdez pas votre temps avec cette companie. Apres 3 jours de retard, les fleurs ne sont toujours pas livrees et la companie ne retourne pas mais appels. C'est le pire service que j'ai jamais eu, pas professionel du tout.

johnwales75 says: (7 years ago)
Good value, on time delivery. Tip: google coupon code- you may save up to $15 on each order. Overall I ma happy and will order again

SurfFlorist says: (7 years ago)
Bloomex is listed as a Miami company, Miami Beach company, Aventura, FL company, Bal Harbour, FL get the idea. The are located in Canada. They pose as a local florist, take your order and then wire it to a local florist for delivery. Do yourself a favor: Whenever you look up a florist by website, first call and ask them "In what city are you located?" If they cannot say that they are located in the city you want the flowers delivered, then hang up and call a local florist who is going to deliver anyways. That florist will be able to answer ALL your questions.

TerrieA says: (7 years ago)
I will never, ever order from Bloomex. Here's what the Better Business Bureau has to say about them:

BBB Rating

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

Reasons for this rating include:

•402 complaints filed against business
•Failure to respond to 289 complaints filed against business.
•28 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
•Overall complaint history with BBB.
•Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
•Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.

Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings

Also, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to its decision to not accept or respond to complaints from the BBB.

The company has advised our office that they will not be responding to any complaint filed through the BBB. That does not mean they will not respond directly to the consumer.

6392 says: (7 years ago)
We ordered flowers for my son's wedding.. and they were suppose to arrive the day before.. when we finally got a hold of someone they told us our flowers were not there.. they had been paid for and the wedding was the next day.. they were going to send ones that they had but not the ones that we ordered to make up for it.. no way.. and now I cannot get ahold of the company.. please do not use this company.. go to a recognized florist shop.. your wedding day is suppose to be the best day..

betacarbon says: (7 years ago)
I was going to file a complaint about this company to Better Business Bureau, until I saw their ranking on BBB.
BBB ranked them at "F"
I wish I had seen that before ordering from them.

Zetto says: (7 years ago)
Have used Bloomex successfully before but this time they dropped the ball big time. Paid a premium for before-noon delivery of a birthday bouquet of 24 long-stemmed roses. Ordered & paid 5 days in advance. Did not arrive on time and had to pursue Customer Service for a an update. Finally arrived at 4pm but in poor condition. Recipient complained and was told a replacement would arrive in 3 days. It did not arrive. No response to inquiries until I contacted head office. Was told recipient wasn't home when replacement arrived (not true) and a note was left to that effect (also not true). Head office advised me a SECOND replacement delivery had been arranged for. However, as this order was specifically ordered for an occasion (birthday) and it was now a week later, the replacement was declined and a refund requested. Still waiting for a reply from Bloomex.

dorancher2 says: (7 years ago)
I placed an order for a Super Deluxe Basket to send to my aunt after my uncle passed away. I paid extra money for next morning delivery as they would be at the funeral home after that time. My aunt had never mentioned anything so I questioned if she received it four days later..No of course she didn't receive it. SO I asked for confirmation from the customer service team. They said that it was attempted, left at the door but seeing my aunt didn't receive it they would send it again (despite their policy being they are not responsible for items that go missing that are left at the door - which makes me think it was never delivered at all!). So two days after that, they deliver the basket and more than half of the fruit was rotten..completely rotten and unedible. My aunt threw out what wasn't good. So apparently that was wrong as she was supposed to call them, pay $10 for them to come pick it up and replace it. Forgive me but when you pay $100 for a basket, it should be on time and it should be edible. Why should the recipient pay $10 to get a replacement of what was sent to them as a gift and should be good to begin with?? The company refuses to admit any wrongdoing, will not give me a refund but is willing to send another basket "free of charge", like they are doing me a favour. If I can have at least one other person not use this company, it would be great and that's all I ask for.
Also if you look at the Better Business Bureau, they are given a score of F for not responding to complaints, with over 200 active complaints against them right now. They do not care about their customers at all...DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

stuartbkr777 says: (7 years ago)
I ordered a gift basket from Vancouver flowers and the service that i got was just superb.Great site really and the best part is that it provides each and every user to share their thoughts on the article.great
==================================Vancouver Flowers

Sherona says: (8 years ago)
I will never ever use this company again. I agree with some of the other comments; they are fast to take your money and horrible and trying to resolve their mistakes, as well as impossible to get ahole of. I ordered flowers for same day delivery and they charged me for that service and the flowers were not send until the next day. When I tried to cancel they said it was too late because the product had been made, and that they would refund only the same day delivery fee. How does that make sense? I was told via email that it takes longer to deliver to the location I wanted them to go to becaust it is out of the production area. Well why didn't they contact me once they saw the address I entered to see if it was still ok for them to be sent the next day? Instead they go ahead and make them send them out so I can't be refunded. What a joke.

France says: (8 years ago)
J'ai été très bien répondu et on m'a donné des conseils pour le choix des fleurs et pour respecter mon budget.

mohitb says: (8 years ago)
I used Bloomex's services recently to get flowers delivered to my girlfriend's workplace. The delivery was supposed to be made in the morning, however it got pushed to the afternoon, and the flowers reached her right before she was about to leave from work. Needless to say, she was extremely happy to receive the flowers and my note.

1. Lack of customer service agents. Telephone operators were never available, and online reps were available only 1 out of 5 times that I needed them.

2. Delivery time is not guaranteed as they claim on their website, even if you order on time.


1. The delivery WILL be made.
2. It is extremely easy to order online.

happypanther1 says: (8 years ago)
Fast to take your money but won't follow up complaints If you use this service after reading these complaints - I have two box seats for the 2020 Olympic Gold Hockey game to sell for 'cheap'

sharon67 says: (8 years ago)
I received today May 12/09 my MOther's Day flowers sent to me by my daughter in Phoenix AZ - they are DEAD!!! NOt only that she paid extra to have them arrive here on MOther's Day. I want something done about this. Sharon Willcox

CRitch says: (8 years ago)
Worst flower service I ever had. Won't return my calls and rude Staff

abby says: (8 years ago)
My son ordered roses the middle of last week to be delivered 8/05 As they has not arrived by 10/05 he tried several times to cancel but no one answered the phone.They arrived 11/05-CRAPPY COMPANY --never will use Bloomex again!!

PhilipMcGee says: (8 years ago)
Service was Great! Really Fast Delivery! Quick Easy and Reliable! Will order from Bloomex again!

wayneh24 says: (8 years ago)
BRUTAL SERVICE! Non existant Customer Support. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. Paid for early delivery, called onve that window passed and coudl not even get a live voice. had to leave a voice mail, for Customer Service?? No email response either. I am now mulling over the idea of reporting this to visa as a scam.

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