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Bloomex is a Canadian Online Flower Delivery company, offering various floral and gift arrangements throughout Canada and the U.S. via its online computerized system. The Bloomex website acts as a storefront allowing consumers worldwide to place orders online themselves, chat with a live agent or place orders through a 1-800 number. Bloomex has same day delivery to almost any location in Canada, and orders can be placed 24 hours a day. Bloomex has production facilities located in major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. Bloomex has 2 new divisions, Flowers Wholesale which offers flowers in bulk to the general population and Bloomex Wedding Flowers, where they have wedding consultants to help with wedding flower selections.

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Bloomex Reviews

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  • horrible customer service

    I ordered on line and followed the prompts by selecting the product and then the delivery date, I did this on friday for a delivery to my Dad in a nursing home for Thanksgiving. I received a confirmation and approval and they took my money from my credit card. On Saturday late in the afternoon(when the flowers should have been delivered) I received an email that they did not offer the service I had chosen on the weekend, I had selected an item that said free delivery. Further their email said they would send it on Tuesday (after thanksgiving) I called and called and called and emailed... More...
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  • Poor customer service

    We recently had a death in the family and when we came home from the funeral we found a box on the front step, by the door. When we opened the box we found wilted roses with petals and leaves falling off. It was a hot day and it is unsure how long the box was there. The box was in plain view and could have been picked up by anyone going by but it wasn't. It looks like the roses may have been nice when they were packaged. Maybe this is more of a delivery problem than flower quality. But coming home from a funeral and finding dead, wilting flowers is not a nice feeling. When we... More...
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  • Bloomex is stealing your money!

    Do not order anything from that company. They are scammers, stealing people money. Stay away from them. I order a Bouquet and paid express delivery between 9AM-12PM, the total was approximately 86USD. I checked with the recipient around 11:30AM, nothing was delivered yet. I received an email at 11:45AM saying my order is in transit. At 12:30PM, I sent an email to: "" asking for the status of my order. An hour later, I received an email saying: "Order Status Change"; When I checked they now mentioned that information of Company name is missing (When I... More...
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  • happy with the customer support

    I just wanted to thank the Halifax branch of Bloomex the young lady with a european/french accent who dealt with my missed delivery very sincerly when I called and managed to get it re-delivered to the address again to the surprise of the recipient as it was very much unexpected. I really appreciate the effort made to get the delivery remade to the correct address when the driver could not find the address the first time. Thank you very much! I am very grateful for the thought here! And will order with Bloomex again! More...
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  • they are my favourites!

    Thank you kindly! I was e-mailed a picture of the order received today and it looks great! Thank you for filling in the order right as I expected, I honestly didn’t expect this level of service. I will be a repeat customer to your website for my long distance gifts going forward knowing that you take so much care to make it right. I will recommend you to friends I have working at a distance from home who can't always be with their families when they should be. Best wishes! More...
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  • highly satisfacted

    Thank you for delivering the beautiful basket filled with some delicious treats. The recipient was very pleased. It was a sad occasion and thus very important to make her feel we were thinking about her on that day. Bloomex was very helpful to pass on my message. I will definitely recommend this service to all my big family and friends. More...
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  • super service

    A quick note to thank you for sending an upsized bouquet. My sister received her beautiful arrangement of pink roses and was thrilled. I am currently away and it was very meaningful for both of us to keep in contact. Besides it was gracefully packaged and looked exactly as I had expected. It is a super website  Thanks so much. You can count on my continued patronage. More...
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  • Bloomex bad customer service

    2 bad incidents with them. First one which i never wrote a review about, was I ordered a bouquet, and a teddy, for my friend who just had a baby, she got chocolates in stead of the teddy. I never bothered complaining. an the other: I order to bouquets on Thursday night, and paid the extra money to have the flowers delivered on Friday. It says on the website that if you order before 1pm they can do same day deliver, so I thought the night before was plenty of time. No sign of the flowers arriving on Friday, so I went to the "chat" on the website. Keith dealt with my query and was... More...
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  • Customer service issues

    I have a Virtual visa, so it was not initially accepted, which I expected. So, I then used my boyfriend Visa to complete the order, but was required to call them to give them that information. When you call you are given an automated message that steps you through a very simple process and then you are put on hold to talk to someone, but when you are actually given someone, YOU CANT HEAR THEM ON THE PHONE. I had to call multiple times until I was given to someone that I could actually hear. More...
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  • No customer service skills...

    I could not get through to speak to anyone, so went to the chat site. Melanie came on line. I asked her if she could give me the phone number to the people who deliver in Winnipeg and her reply was "sorry, we cant do it". I then asked why. Her reply " There is no technical ability". I said I didn't understand 'technical ability' and said that other florists offer the service. Her next response was "You are welcome" and she ended the chat session. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM BLOOMEX AGAIN AND I WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE... More...
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  • Bloomex Flowers not delivered for Grandson's Funeral Service

    We ordered 5 big beautiful looking bouquets from for my grandson's funeral. We paid extra for delivery by noon the day of the service. The funeral was at 2 pm. When we arrived at the funeral home about 1:15 pm the flowers were not there yet. My daughter was understandably extremely upset as she wanted everything perfect for her son's funeral. I tried to call the 1-800 number and was given the run around. I was told the flowers would be there by 2:30. I said that is not good enough as the funeral is at 2:00. I asked for the local phone number of the Bloomex store... More...
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  • Utter Rubbish Service

    Bloomex has started to ship electronic items which was a disaster waiting to happen. The gentleman who arrived at my door on the day of delivery had asked my mother to help him move the product because I was not home at the moment and that it was "too heavy for him to move alone". Surprise surprise the products were damaged when I had open the box and on top of getting the parent company to me an exchange of my product, they decided to use this awful delivery company again. This time,I had to help him basically do his job to "pick up/ deliver". This man was not even... More...
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  • Bloomex Maybe need to stick to flowers

    well its nice to see other people have had good experiences!!!! my daughter in the UK thought she would surprise me and sent cake cookies and a balloon very nice youd think - well here's how it went the parcel turned up cheese and crackers and other rubbish but didnt have the heart to tell my daughter and just thanked her for the parcel as most parents would, then when chatting she found out what i received and told me it wasnt what she ordered so she phoned them and was told that they may change order if not available to which she replied so wheres the balloon and you also sent me an... More...
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  • Bloomex customer service fails

    Really disappointed in the disheartening customer service I received upon a flower order that I thought was lost. I ordered flowers ($80 bouquet) for my friend for her birthday to Oshawa on Friday, I checked my online delivery status and it said that it had been delivered in Pickering. When I tried to call and see why the order went to the wrong place no one answered the phone and I left 2 messages four hours apart. Finally someone called me back saying a manager would deal with me on Monday. He hardly listened to my complaint - the order did not go to the right place - and he wrote an... More...
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  • Poor Quality Flowers

    Example of on line response ...what a pathetic company (17:41) Operator Anna enters the chat (17:41) Hello. How can I help you? You (17:41) We received flowers on Monday...wilted on Wednesday..throw out dead today... (17:42) Ordered by our daughter Taryn (17:43) Delivered to XXX Drive SW...Airdrie Alberta Pam and John .... Anna (17:44) How can I help you? You (17:45) Well I think you have to do something to make this right? Anna (17:45) i do not think so You (17:46) OK then I will tell my daughter you provide a substandard service and as well will go on line with a negative... More...
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  • Bloomex Spoiled Wifes Birthday

    Guaranteed in writing delivery by 9am for wife's work birthday party, I was present nothing showed up for my wife from her husband during the party. I called Bloomex and they stated that although I did request 9am, they could only guarantee up to 5 pm. I would have never ordered if that was explained to me. I believe this is poor service and fraudulent. Don't ever use them EVER More...
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  • Worst customer service of my life

    My experience with Bloomex was HORRIBLE. I ordered flowers for my friend's law school graduation ceremony. They were supposed to be delivered on Thursday June 12th, but by Friday, they were still not delivered. I called five times over the course of the weekend, and no one helped me: I was either told "we're looking into it, and we'll call you back to follow up", or there was no answer. I left two voicemails, and NO ONE EVER RETURNED MY CALLS. According to the email updates, the flowers have still not been delivered (as of June 15th, 2014). The ceremony has come and... More...
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  • Wonderful!!

    I ordered 350 white roses from bloomex for my wedding. We created our own bouquets and corsages ourselves. They delivered 375 roses to my house 2 days before my wedding. They were not open and still young. We made out bouquets and kept the flowers in cold water in my garage. By the day of our wedding, the flowers were opening, the bouquets were beautiful. I saved over $1500 which is what my florist wanted to quote for these simple bouquets! I was over pleased with the quality and I will use them again and again. More...
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  • Delivery not made and bad customer service

    Bloomex Australia, I requested a bouquet for a friends birthday which she never received. Contacted Bloomex who asked me how I wished to proceed. As the flowers were now 4 days late I requested a refund. The request was ignored and now they say I have a voucher to use on another occasion. Contacting from the UK I would not be sending flowers to Australia on a regular basis so have lost $65 worth. I see an exact replica of my complaint by bonela on this site. Some flowers were delivered 5 days late just in time for my friend to not be at home to enjoy them. If they had arrived on time she... More...
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  • Mothers Day Bouquet

    Worst customer service ever. I wanted the pink wink bouquet and a card delivered to my mom on Mothers day, between 9-12. In total, my order came up to 80$, a reasonable price to pay for reminding my mom of how special she is to me. Welllllllllllll, the wrong bouquet was delivered, and at 1pm... Then I was told that the correct bouquet would be delivered to my mom the following day, which never happened. It took several days of me attempting to contact bloomex (via phone and email) before receiving a response. My mom finally got her bouquet yesterday (a week and a half later), she sent me... More...
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  • Angry customer

    This is what I posted on their FB page: I'll give you 'real feedback', yet another flower company to disappoint me! I ordered flowers for my Nan to be delivered on her birthday and yet I find out they weren't delivered, not even a courtesy phone call to myself or her to tell her of the delay. This isn't good enough, flowers of all things are intended to be delivered on the date specified... my poor Nan thought that we'd forgotten a present! ...then you say here take a 15% coupon for your next order, yeah like I'm going to order from you again... and I hope... More...
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  • Bloomex service & delivery

    DO NOT EVER USE BLOOMEX!! They are the worst company. It was the first time I ever used this service and it will be the last. I ordered flowers for mothers day and wanted them delivered May 9 to avoid the rush. No delivery on that day. Called to complain and was told a manager was looking into it and would reply by email. To date nothing has ever been received from any manager. I sent an email on May 10 to cancel my order and refund my credit card. A day later flowers were delivered even though I cancelled the order, and were an embarrassment. I should have purchased a bunch of flowers... More...
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    LIES! I am SO thrilled to have found a spot to write a review! My sister had ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mom for Mother's day. The delivery was on time, but the quality was another story. When my mom proceeded to open the box, the flowers showed up semi wilted. The handling and care for the package was definitely not delicate. She carried on to display them, regardless, in her vase. She then snapped a photo of it and posted it online. My sister saw it and was angered that it was not the flowers she had ordered-completely different. She had spent approx. $50.00 on... More...
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  • First and last time I will use this company

    Ten days ago I went on line to find a florist in Red Deer, AB. Bloomex came up as a forist IN Red Deer. Odered flowers for a funeral in Bentley. AB -35 minute drive from Red Deer. Got a response that the flowers would be deliver the next day. The next day received an email that they could not locate the address please resend proper address. I responded with the same address as it was correct along with the same phone number I had give for the recipent so they could call if they still could not locate the address. Flowers still had not arrived by day seven. I called got a voice message... More...
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  • Same day delivery? Flowers sent from over 400KM away?

    I recently ordered flowers from and had a horrible experience. I ordered them for same day delivery and PAID extra for it. Several hours after I ordered them I received another email stating that they WOULD NOT be delivered same day, but rather the following day. My Anniversary is only one day Bloomex ... I contacted them and they had nothing more to say other than they we in transit, FROM VANCOUVER, over 400KM away. Seriously? Why would they ship flowers that distance? No wonder they couldnt get them here same day? And to top it off its going to be a fight to get the delivery... More...
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    Received Mothers Day flowers 2 day late from my daughter who is away for the first time for Mother day. She was so upset when i never called her because i didnt know she ordered the flowers! I Phoned to complain and after numerous attempts finally reached a person only to be put off. Tried again a few days later to be transferred and then spoken to so condesendingly! was given a name to call back and ask for but that person was NEVER available and they are "unable" to transfer calls. Absolutely horrible company! use anyone but bloomex! More...
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  • I was stolen from

    I wanted to get my mom flowers for mother's day since this was the first yea we wouldn't be able to spend it together. I decided to send them to her on the friday while she was at work so she could show them off to all her friends. Well they didn't arrive Friday. When I called the number i had received in my email (the warehouse) on Monday I was told they couldn't do anything and i had to contact Bloomex directly. After a couple failed attempts at getting through, I decided to email. I was told that the flowers were delivered at 7 pm on a Friday night to a business... More...
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  • Bloomex flowers delivered after the date, and dead

    Ordered flowers for Mothers Day. Delivery was for Fri May 9 to avoid the ludicrous extra charge for Saturday delivery. Put specific instructions to call first. They did not call first, so only a note was left to say they would deliver on Monday- day AFTER Mothers. day. On Monday they delivered the same bouquet which is now wilted, dead and disgusting. Delivery was refused for this reason. I emailed them on that same day demanding fresh flowers be delivered, or give me a refund. I was told fresh flowers would be delivered. It's a week later and nothing has been delivered. I have... More...
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  • Wrong delivery date of flowers from Bloomex

    A friend ordered flowers to be delivered for Mothers Day through Bloomex. He was told that delivery would be May 1-13 but they arrived April 28th. When I called Bloomex to find out why flowers arrived way too early when there was a card inside that they must have written that acknowledged the flowers were for Mothers Day,they could not find the order. Kept insisting there must be an order number on the box but there wasn't. Orders are just left on front doorstep in the sun, no one even rings the doorbell.Flowers that were delivered on Mothers Day from my son were substandard quality. More...
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  • Bloomex delivers late but charges extra money

    Ordered flowers for my mom for Mothers Day and even paid the extra $20 to have them delivered on Saturday. They were NOT delivered on Saturday, nor Sunday, but on Monday. How are you going to waste somebody's time by telling me they will be delivered on Saturday and include a timeline to go with it? I tried tracking my package but it always said there is no information on my flowers until it finally got delivered. Once they were delivered they did not even have the decency to ring the door bell so they were left out in front of the house until my mom found them. This company is garbage... More...
    (Delivery Services)

    I'm feeling rather sick just reading these complaints now. I'm in the middle of waiting for customer service to respond to my email. My grandmother is 100 years old today. I ordered online, flowers, vase and card and chose the option to have them arrive before noon today. It's currently 5:30 and there still hasn't been a delivery made. I want to scream. I connected to live chat and in the 15 minutes it took, I'm no further with an answer than I was an hour ago. I was simply told they will look into it and will get back to me by email. I asked about the... More...
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  • Bloomex is terrible

    I ordered two gift chocolate boxes they sent toen 3 days after the delivery date they gave me and the other never came to me (thought i would try one) they sent me stale flowers (am allergic and told them on the first order) and then said they would send the up grade as their staff got the order number wrong and sent flowers. They told me to give the flowers away i wouldn't as they were wilted and smelled been in the truck two days and still am on my 4th delivery date is this company in business at all they should be ....they wont refund my visa and now no chocolate gift basket seems... More...
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  • bloomex takes your money and then does not seem to care

    I placed an order for.mothers day and paid extra to get it delivered before mothers day. Long and short 5 days later it got delivered and almost every message and email I sent went in answered. The only time I got anything was when I pushed 1 to place an order . I have worked in sales for 10 years and I would never treat a customer the way I was treated . I spent over 100$ for a nice gift for my mother in law and they really ruined it as it was nothing but a head ache. If you are thinking of using them all I can say is you have been warned . More...
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Bloomex Comments

gubanovb says: (2 months ago)
very good service and good flowers.Keep it up!!

km604 says: (5 months ago)
Absolutely the worst flower delivery company ever!!! Mother's Day flowers arriving 3 days late and dead after paying extra for delivery!! No customer service, no refund! Garbage service. Will never order from this company again EVER!

am360 says: (7 months ago)
Really great experience all around.

Tim80 says: (8 months ago)
Flowers were rubbish, customer service was rubbish. Total scam. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

ranga says: (1 year ago)
A very bad experience. Lazy people with rotten attitude. Would not recommend anyone to use their service ever. The package was delivered late without any information, the people had no idea about he delivery services. I was asked to chk the order online myself. Getting hold of someone is very difficult aswell.

lhuynh says: (1 year ago)
Terrible service. I wish I read all the comment before I used the service. I order the flower for my mom birthday, paying for overprice vase too, expecting the flowers are already organize in the vase. The flowers arrived BUT not in the vase. I paid for an overprice vase because I expect beautiful organization from professional, but instead of the flowers a bundle in a small box. When I called Bloomex, they said that how they delivery flowers from the last 15 years! Terrible!

herman says: (1 year ago)
My mother's day flowers arrived by delivery from Canpar which rang my bell and left a box, drove away before I could open the door. If we hadn't been home, they would still be sitting there. Now, 3 days later, they mums are dropping their petals and quite honestly, this was a waste of money.

sarah5115 says: (2 years ago)
Terrible service. Total scam. I ordered flowers for delivery and they were never actually delivered despite being sent a confirmation that they had been. I have tried to be in touch with Bloomex at least six times to no avail. I have left numerous voicemail messages (have yet to speak with an actual person), sent emails (with no response) and tried an online chat (which indicated that all operators are busy and had to leave an offline message). I would like my money back but have not heard back. I am contemplating legal action.

Jamesdean says: (2 years ago)
Where the hell is my review? Bloomex sucks

Jobilen says: (2 years ago)
On June 27th, I placed a online order for flowers to be delivered in BC on June 29th. Watching the tracking number I realized they were not delivered and was notified by recipient that they never arrived. Called and spoke with sales rep. who was very indignant to me on the phone (I put the speaker on so others in the room could hear her yelling very loud at me) and she told me to read the policies and that the delivery of the order "was not going to happen" and they could resend it. This was for a 50th anniversary and it is now over and I just want a refund. Very obnoxious staff! They better refund me the money or I will just keep emailing and calling them. Never will I order from Bloomex again!

rosaprim says: (3 years ago)
Bloomex is the worst experience i have ever had. I ordered flowers for same day delivery, 3 days later i am still waiting for them to be delivered. I have emailed, called gone on that live chat and have had no response, this morning i recieved and email from them, that made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. I STILL DONT KNOW IF MY FLOWERS HAVE BEEN DELIVERED. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN AND WILL MAKE SURE I PUT COMMENTS LIKE THIS EVERYWHERE I SEE AND HEAR THERE NAME.

BloomexNOGOOD says: (4 years ago)
Very poor customer service. They never answer the phone when you click for "orders already placed". Trick is to click "new orders" and (OF COURSE) they'll take your call right away.

Lost my order and claimed to put an investigation on it but never offered to send a fresh new bundle.

They only respond to emails if you send the same one 28 times back to back. Don't bother sending 27 emails - it has to be 28 emails to get a response.

When you click "Operator is online. Click here for live help" there really is no operator as they never respond back.

I will never order from this site again and my advice would be to order from a trusted site that people can attest to with many positive comments.

Hope this helps in your future decision making process.


BloomexNOGOOD says: (4 years ago)
Very poor customer service. They never answer the phone when you click for "orders already placed". Trick is to click "new orders" and (OF COURSE) they'll take your call right away.

Lost my order and claimed to put an investigation on it but never offered to send a fresh new bundle.

They only respond to emails if you send the same one 28 times back to back. Don't bother sending 27 emails - it has to be 28 emails to get a response.

When you click "Operator is online. Click here for live help" there really is no operator as they never respond back.

I will never order from this site again and my advice would be to order from a trusted site that people can attest to with many positive comments.

Hope this helps in your future decision making process.


Melani says: (4 years ago)
Follow-up to prvious complaint. A representative just called, and an upgraded arrangement will be sent out on the 30th of December. She even gave me a time-frame. Thank you Bloomex, for taking responsibility.

john490 says: (4 years ago)
Very happy with my experience! Gift basket arrived on time with top notch ingredients! The value is way higher then at any one I saw at grocery store.

vtre142 says: (4 years ago)
Ne perdez pas votre temps avec cette companie. Apres 3 jours de retard, les fleurs ne sont toujours pas livrees et la companie ne retourne pas mais appels. C'est le pire service que j'ai jamais eu, pas professionel du tout.

johnwales75 says: (4 years ago)
Good value, on time delivery. Tip: google coupon code- you may save up to $15 on each order. Overall I ma happy and will order again

SurfFlorist says: (5 years ago)
Bloomex is listed as a Miami company, Miami Beach company, Aventura, FL company, Bal Harbour, FL get the idea. The are located in Canada. They pose as a local florist, take your order and then wire it to a local florist for delivery. Do yourself a favor: Whenever you look up a florist by website, first call and ask them "In what city are you located?" If they cannot say that they are located in the city you want the flowers delivered, then hang up and call a local florist who is going to deliver anyways. That florist will be able to answer ALL your questions.

TerrieA says: (5 years ago)
I will never, ever order from Bloomex. Here's what the Better Business Bureau has to say about them:

BBB Rating

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

Reasons for this rating include:

•402 complaints filed against business
•Failure to respond to 289 complaints filed against business.
•28 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
•Overall complaint history with BBB.
•Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
•Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.

Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings

Also, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to its decision to not accept or respond to complaints from the BBB.

The company has advised our office that they will not be responding to any complaint filed through the BBB. That does not mean they will not respond directly to the consumer.

6392 says: (5 years ago)
We ordered flowers for my son's wedding.. and they were suppose to arrive the day before.. when we finally got a hold of someone they told us our flowers were not there.. they had been paid for and the wedding was the next day.. they were going to send ones that they had but not the ones that we ordered to make up for it.. no way.. and now I cannot get ahold of the company.. please do not use this company.. go to a recognized florist shop.. your wedding day is suppose to be the best day..

betacarbon says: (5 years ago)
I was going to file a complaint about this company to Better Business Bureau, until I saw their ranking on BBB.
BBB ranked them at "F"
I wish I had seen that before ordering from them.

Zetto says: (5 years ago)
Have used Bloomex successfully before but this time they dropped the ball big time. Paid a premium for before-noon delivery of a birthday bouquet of 24 long-stemmed roses. Ordered & paid 5 days in advance. Did not arrive on time and had to pursue Customer Service for a an update. Finally arrived at 4pm but in poor condition. Recipient complained and was told a replacement would arrive in 3 days. It did not arrive. No response to inquiries until I contacted head office. Was told recipient wasn't home when replacement arrived (not true) and a note was left to that effect (also not true). Head office advised me a SECOND replacement delivery had been arranged for. However, as this order was specifically ordered for an occasion (birthday) and it was now a week later, the replacement was declined and a refund requested. Still waiting for a reply from Bloomex.

dorancher2 says: (5 years ago)
I placed an order for a Super Deluxe Basket to send to my aunt after my uncle passed away. I paid extra money for next morning delivery as they would be at the funeral home after that time. My aunt had never mentioned anything so I questioned if she received it four days later..No of course she didn't receive it. SO I asked for confirmation from the customer service team. They said that it was attempted, left at the door but seeing my aunt didn't receive it they would send it again (despite their policy being they are not responsible for items that go missing that are left at the door - which makes me think it was never delivered at all!). So two days after that, they deliver the basket and more than half of the fruit was rotten..completely rotten and unedible. My aunt threw out what wasn't good. So apparently that was wrong as she was supposed to call them, pay $10 for them to come pick it up and replace it. Forgive me but when you pay $100 for a basket, it should be on time and it should be edible. Why should the recipient pay $10 to get a replacement of what was sent to them as a gift and should be good to begin with?? The company refuses to admit any wrongdoing, will not give me a refund but is willing to send another basket "free of charge", like they are doing me a favour. If I can have at least one other person not use this company, it would be great and that's all I ask for.
Also if you look at the Better Business Bureau, they are given a score of F for not responding to complaints, with over 200 active complaints against them right now. They do not care about their customers at all...DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

stuartbkr777 says: (5 years ago)
I ordered a gift basket from Vancouver flowers and the service that i got was just superb.Great site really and the best part is that it provides each and every user to share their thoughts on the article.great
==================================Vancouver Flowers

Sherona says: (5 years ago)
I will never ever use this company again. I agree with some of the other comments; they are fast to take your money and horrible and trying to resolve their mistakes, as well as impossible to get ahole of. I ordered flowers for same day delivery and they charged me for that service and the flowers were not send until the next day. When I tried to cancel they said it was too late because the product had been made, and that they would refund only the same day delivery fee. How does that make sense? I was told via email that it takes longer to deliver to the location I wanted them to go to becaust it is out of the production area. Well why didn't they contact me once they saw the address I entered to see if it was still ok for them to be sent the next day? Instead they go ahead and make them send them out so I can't be refunded. What a joke.

France says: (5 years ago)
J'ai été très bien répondu et on m'a donné des conseils pour le choix des fleurs et pour respecter mon budget.

mohitb says: (5 years ago)
I used Bloomex's services recently to get flowers delivered to my girlfriend's workplace. The delivery was supposed to be made in the morning, however it got pushed to the afternoon, and the flowers reached her right before she was about to leave from work. Needless to say, she was extremely happy to receive the flowers and my note.

1. Lack of customer service agents. Telephone operators were never available, and online reps were available only 1 out of 5 times that I needed them.

2. Delivery time is not guaranteed as they claim on their website, even if you order on time.


1. The delivery WILL be made.
2. It is extremely easy to order online.

happypanther1 says: (5 years ago)
Fast to take your money but won't follow up complaints If you use this service after reading these complaints - I have two box seats for the 2020 Olympic Gold Hockey game to sell for 'cheap'

sharon67 says: (5 years ago)
I received today May 12/09 my MOther's Day flowers sent to me by my daughter in Phoenix AZ - they are DEAD!!! NOt only that she paid extra to have them arrive here on MOther's Day. I want something done about this. Sharon Willcox

CRitch says: (5 years ago)
Worst flower service I ever had. Won't return my calls and rude Staff

abby says: (5 years ago)
My son ordered roses the middle of last week to be delivered 8/05 As they has not arrived by 10/05 he tried several times to cancel but no one answered the phone.They arrived 11/05-CRAPPY COMPANY --never will use Bloomex again!!

PhilipMcGee says: (6 years ago)
Service was Great! Really Fast Delivery! Quick Easy and Reliable! Will order from Bloomex again!

wayneh24 says: (6 years ago)
BRUTAL SERVICE! Non existant Customer Support. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. Paid for early delivery, called onve that window passed and coudl not even get a live voice. had to leave a voice mail, for Customer Service?? No email response either. I am now mulling over the idea of reporting this to visa as a scam.

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