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Bloomex is a Canadian Online Flower Delivery company, offering various floral and gift arrangements throughout Canada and the U.S. via its online computerized system. The Bloomex website acts as a storefront allowing consumers worldwide to place orders online themselves, chat with a live agent or place orders through a 1-800 number. Bloomex has same day delivery to almost any location in Canada, and orders can be placed 24 hours a day. Bloomex has production facilities located in major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. Bloomex has 2 new divisions, Flowers Wholesale which offers flowers in bulk to the general population and Bloomex Wedding Flowers, where they have wedding consultants to help with wedding flower selections.

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  • Bloomex is a scam service

    My daughter spent a lot of money to send me mother's day flowers. First of all they arrived the say before she scheduled the delivery and second they were not what she ordered. As I was opening the flowers they were falling apart and within 3 days all dead. I have tried to call them do a chat with them and sent 3 emails but will no response. I suggest never using them as they use old dying flowers. More...
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  • Birthday cake disaster

    This is the second time I have used Bloomex, the first time was amazing and I was totally happy with my decision with ordering from them. My second experience has been horrible. I ordered my mom a floral cake for her birthday like I had the year before and what they sent her was a cheap bouquet in a vase. This is NOT what I paid for! At the same time I ordered her a bouquet for mothers day and this as well had at most half of the flowers in it then what was in the photo I was ordering from. More...
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  • Bloomex, what a joke of a company! Do not order from them!

    I ordered flowers to be deleivered on mother%u2019s day. Instead they were delivered 2 days later. I had tried contacting the company on Mother%u2019s Day and the day after but it so happens they were closed go figure. I sent 2 emails to cancel my order yesterday and on mother%u2019s day as well as tried calling, no answer and the live chat I got a standard message back until today. I finally got ahold of someone on live chat today and was told it%u2019s to bad they have my money and the flowers are in transit nothing they can do! Nothing they can do because I had sent emails the day before... More...
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  • Rotten fruit.

    Completely disgusted. I ordered a fruit and cheese basket for my fathers birthday. The fruits were rotten and the cheese was three cheese snacks. At 97.00 dollars, I expected a little bit more and customer service is basically dismissing me. I reported them to Better Business Bureau and have gotten the media involved. Enough of this shameful business of ripping people off. More...
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  • Worse service

    The worse service I have ever received. I order flowers for Mother's Day a week prior to Mother's Day. My credit card was charged on the same day. The flowers were not delivered on the specified date which was two days before Mother's Day. I inquired and I was told, it will be done soon. Today, is a day after Mother's Day and my mother never received the flowers and no one response to my email messages. I demanded refund and no luck yet. More...
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  • Horrible Experience!

    Order 2226123 for Mother%u2019s Day. Order was to be delivered the day BEFORE Mother%u2019s Day and nothing. Spoke with my mother the morning of Mother%u2019s Day who said nothing had arrived and no message. Contacted their live chat as directed by their 1-800 number and after lengthy wait with Courtney via live chat, she confirmed that delivery would arrive on the 14th! That is AFTER. No reason given other than they were busy. Demanded refund and cancel the order. She said they couldn%u2019t and offered refund on the delivery charge and 15% off next order. This fight isn%u2019t... More...
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    We ordered a dozen roses, some orchids, chocolate and a foil balloon for Mother's Day. When the box was opened, we were shocked to find that we were given a dozen wilted roses that looked like they were about to turn brown. We also noticed that the balloon they sent had a big hole and therefore not usable. They also provided a vase that was too small to accomodate the base of the wilted roses. We were so embarrassed and the nurses at the hospital were appalled at this poor customer service. More...
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    Order 2101240 I Ordered Flowers, balloons, card with teddy-bear for my sister's birthday Sep. 7th Morning and her birthday was Sep.8th. they were suppose to deliver to the bank where she was working 8am to 4pm. THEY NEVER DELIVERED AND DID NOT INFORM ME! when I called them they said No one can help me and I have to e-mail them so I e-mailed them but only Sep. 11th they responded and said problem with the address. I don't understand the problem there is my e-mail my phone # and my sister's phone # and also its a bank address. Now they are saying they cant give my money... More...
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  • Terrible experience with Bloomex

    My mom send me a tea basket in which the description lists many different types of tea...I received a basked full of junk food ( which I don't eat) and 2 tea bags basically. When my mom complained they said they were out of some products from that basket and just replaced with wharever they want.. and they would do nothing. Plus they offer an 15% discount on her next order. Do you think we would ever buy from you again?? More...
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  • Bloomex ... Save your money!

    Save Your Money !!!! The most horrible ,unbelievable experience I have ever had. My Mom turned 88 years old; I could not be there,our family is going thru a lot at this time so I decided to send her flowers as a SURPRISE ! It's in a small town outside Gatineau in Papineauville, QC.They assured me delivery on the Monday August 14th. It was not delivered. Tuesday morning I call and their recording our agents do not have access to your order and the line hangs up. Strange, I thought as the day before I spoke to a live agent on that same line So their messages seem to be generated by the... More...
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    unbelievable they got the address all messed up 5 times even messed it up on their site told them to change it by chat and email 4 times they still didnt give it to the delivery person but someone let him in as it was pouring rian. The chocloate and flower special a disaster the box looked like it went to Iraq and back the chocolates smashed up the basket of gourmet chocolates on sale for half price a miniature for 30 could have bought them for 15 elsewhere like wal mart the roses three fell off they were cut at the top stem where they were cut brown so for awhile and then the petals fell... More...
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  • Flowers not delivered. No refund issued

    Ordered flowers for a funeral to be delivered the next day. 3 days later they were still unable to track order despite repeated attempt to get in touch with them. Kept saying it was under investigation and they were trying to locate them. All of a sudden a few days later, sent a notification to me that they were delivered a few days ago. Flowered were never delivered and they refused to issue a refund or take any accountability. More...
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  • Bloomex is the WORST!!

    I ordered a deluxe gift basket from Bloomex Canada for my good friend, Terry Morrish, who is home recovering from surgery. The first gift basket arrived and the fruit was spoiled, and the cheese melted. We complained to Bloomex and they said they'd send a replacement. It arrived today - see attached pictures of crushed cracker and cookie boxes, melted cheese and spoiled/smashed fruit. According to Bloomex, our only recourse is to get a "store credit"- NO REFUND. Ok then. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I bet the negative publicity from my FB,... More...
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    Don't order from Bloomex!!! They take your money and don't fulfill the order. They were supposed to deliver flowers for my grandmother for her 87th Birthday and they did not. Today is day 3 since the scheduled delivery. I have been texting them on the Live Chat and calling to speak to someone about getting a refund and I am getting no response. More...
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  • Horrible company!! Do not order from them!

    Bloomex is a horrible company , the flowers they sent my mother on mother's day where garbage , dying and dried out! Wrapped in cheap ripped up ribbon that looked used ! They sent a "replacement" that was no better and after contthem through email they said they would replace the order again once their new stock came in , they never did after contacting them again they said they could anything because it's past 7 days since we received the order, itdonly past 7 days because they told me a replacement would be sent ! Also they have no actual phone customer service they... More...
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  • Bloomex is the worst.

    I ordered two arrangements for Mother's Day. The first one was no where near the quality that the pictures showed it would be online. The second order was delivered at 7 am on a Saturday, half the flowers were already dead and brown, and the other half never opened up. The company itself has no representatives that you can talk to on the phone, and after trying to deal with the live chat that didn't work, I had to send a strongly worded email. They got back to me saying that they can only help those within seven days of the order, and then offered me a pathetic discount of 15% for... More...
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  • Order 2061108

    I ordered flowers for my Mother-In-Law for Mother's Day on May 11th to ensure adequate time for delivery and experienced great on-line ease of selection and processing and thought this was great! Then on May 13th I was informed vis email that due to them not having a partner in the area that me In-laws reside they would not be able to deliver them for the rate that I paid until the following week with a free upgrade. Being disappointed I agreed and informed my Mom that I indeed did not forget her. Only to receive an email on the 19th informing me that due to a glitch in their system... More...
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  • *DO NOT* Order From Bloomex

    I placed an order on May 11 for flowers that were said to arrive on May 13, a day before Mother's Day. By the time it was May 13, they were still in transit. I can understand delays, especially since it was close to Mother's Day, but their poor customer service is what played a big part in what made the experience terrible. I tried calling 3 different phone numbers on their website, but every one had the same automated message which tells you to Live Chat for a quick response on their website. I sent 2 messages using Via Chat, and was at #503, so of course I wouldn't get... More...
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  • Bloomex = two ways about it

    Absolutely awful service and customer satisfaction. I ordered a flower basket for my mom for Mother's Day on the Tuesday beforehand, to be delivered that Friday. After a $15 delivery charge was tacked on, the flowers weren't delivered until the Monday AFTER Mother's Day. Then when I called to talk to someone I ended up with dead air when trying to register a complaint. Ended up with a live chat person who said that a "senior supervisor" would follow up with me that day...never happened. Finally got through with another live agent today and got a whopping coupon code... More...
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    I have never received such poor customer service, or should I say LACK of customer service, in my life, from ANY business. I am vibrating right now. Ordered flowers on May 11, 2017 to be delivered in time for Mother's Day. It is now Tuesday, May 16, 2017 and the flowers are still not delivered. I have been on the phone with the "sales" office who will not hear complaints but will happily tell you to use their Live Chat format and someone will respond immediately. I got a response all right. "sorry for the inconvenience" . Inconvenience?? This is more than... More...
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  • Devistated!

    I placed an order for my grandmother for Mother's Day! Bloomex guarantee she delivery at ofbcourse a rate of 20.00plus tax. I was devistated when the next day my grandmother still had not received her flowers! I called customer service and they said they would follow up with the florets and see what happened. They never got back to me. I called again at 5:00 pm and I was told I would have to go on a call back list. I asked to speak to a manager and the agent ignore do mee point blank and when I asked for his name he hung up on me. My grandma received her flowers more thn 24 hours... More...
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  • Bloomex did not deliver

    My daughters ordered flowers for me for Mother's Day and nothing came. I stayed at home all day to make sure I was here to receive them. What a joke! Now they can't seem to get anyone to talk to to give a refund. This was supposed to be a special day as we were displaced by the Fort McMurray fires last Mother's Day and you blew it big time. THIS IS A SCAM AND DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!!! More...
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  • no delivery, no customer service

    I ordered flowers online with Bloomex on May 12 for delivery May 13, which I was charged for said delivery $14.99. The flowers never arrived. No note was left on the door to say that anyone had been there with a delivery, and come May 14, actual MOther's Day, the flowers still were not delivered. I have emailed, called and live chatted this company trying to get some answers. The only response I got was from a live chat on the evening of the 14th. They apologized, said Mother's Day is the busiest Day for them, drivers are working hard to deliver all of their orders and to check... More...
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  • Bloomex "designer bouquet" is a sad disappointment

    I ordered a $60 Mother's Day "Designer Collection" Bouquet for my mother. The website photo showed a beautiful large bouquet of roses, mini roses, and assorted other flowers. The bouquet delivered was about 1/4 the size, had one rose and a few daisies and two lilies and greenery. It looked nothing like the bouquet ordered, it was not the same size (volume of flowers depicted) nor were the flowers remotely of the same quality. I spent hours only online waiting for their Live Online Support with no resolution, and their email responses were likely from a robot, as they just... More...
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  • bloomex SUCKS

    Ordered flowers for my mom today. Was promised they would be delivered between noon and 5 pm. As of now, they have yet to be delivered. Called the. Company and the v-mail msg indicates they are closed for business. Was 525 in the chat queue. Website says guaranteed delivery today. This is absolutely terrible and is false advertising. More...
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  • bloomex never got flowers no customer service

    DONT USE BLOOMEX!!!!I just have to rant. So I paid a lot of money to get flowers to my grandma in the hospital. I paid a lot more money to ensure they were delivered on Friday. They were not delivered. I have called about 40 times. I have live chatted and emailed about 30 times. No one will help me. No one will tell me where her flowers are or why they were not delivered or when they will be delivered. I am so beside myself that I can't be there with my grandma while she's alone in the hospital but I can't even get her flowers to her. I used Bloomex who is supposed to be the... More...
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  • Bloomex does not deliver

    Bloomex has no customer support and their stated policies relieve them of all responsibility. The chat line can take hours to get assistance and if you call, there is no option to speak with a person if you are inquiring about an existing order. The phone hangs up. The website looks very professional, don't let this fool you. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Better to call your mother for mother's day than send a gift from this company More...
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    Well this just sucked. We decided to send flowers to the three special Moms in our lives for Mother's Day. We live overseas and were drawn to Bloomex by their prices and promise of good service. The transaction started off fine. Our sales rep was patient and helpful and placed the three separate orders efficiently: roughly $160 worth of flowers, with the three separate delivery charges factored in. Not terrible. The problem arose when we found out that one of the Moms would be away for a week, leaving on Mother"s Day. We decided to cancel the order. George, the online chat rep,... More...
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  • Bloomex Delivery Service Unsatisfactory

    I ordered the Seafood Sensations basket for my mother for her birthday thinking it would be a lovely variety of seafood, cheese and crackers, which she greatly enjoys. I asked for the package to arrive before 2 pm that day knowing she would not be home for the rest of the day and I wanted to to be a surprise for her, and this package did not come till much later that day, so my mother was thinking I had nothing for her (what a great surprise that was). When I finally had a chance to ask her how she liked her basket the next day I had come to realize this was not the basket I ordered at all,... More...
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  • BloomEx, A huge disappointment!

    I am so disappointed with the customer service I recently received. I purchased the gerber brights (supersize) on Sunday for my mom who had just been released from the hospital, I paid to have the flowers delivered to her for Monday. By 5:00pm I had not heard anything about a flower delivery. I then proceeded to contact BloomEx via phone but was made aware that you can only communicate via live chat. When I did get in touch with someone I was notified that unfortunately they do not deliver to Medicine Hat, Alberta and that the flowers will be delivered the next day via FedEx. This... More...
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  • horrible experience

    I placed an order with I asked about delivery time and the girl on the phone said same day delivery is between 12pm to 5pm. Which was fine because my wife gets off at 6pm. 5pm came and went.I called the phone number and low and behold no one was there to answer stated to use the live chat. I proceed with the live chat and then was told to wait for an email then the chat was disconnected. Flowers were not delivered and nobody has ever emailed me back. I had to fight with my cc company to get my money back. I would never use bloomex service again More...
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  • Bloomex - dreadful service

    I mm in the UK and ordered a cream and pale yellow sympathy bouquet with full size card to be sent to Australia. I was appalled that a smaller, much cheaper looking bunch of bright yellow flowers was sent, that in no way resembled the flowers I had ordered . Bright yellow is not an appropriate colour for sympathy flowers. The full size sympathy card I had paid them for was missing. Bloomex told me that the correct order would be resent if I sent them a photo. I did so, but they ignored it. When I contacted them again, they said that they had placed a credit note for me in their system.... More...
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  • Messed up my order and was a day late

    Do not use this company !!! Picked this complany because they stated they do same day delivery. Attempted to order flowers and a nice card for Valentine's Day. Instead my gf got roses and a ugly card the day after. I had emailed bloomex the night of Valentine's Day and said. The day is over cancel my Oder that was at 9 and got nothing back that night. I got a hold of bloomex the next day to complain and they gave me every reason in the world why it was not their fault the flowers did not come that day ...BUT i got 15% my next order....haha what a joke. The order was 60 they... More...
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  • Missing flowers, gift basket left at door

    I ordered the dozen roses and gourmet basket for my partner for Valentine's Day. Having paid the extra fee and having ordered in advance of the same day deal so it arrives in time for Valentine's days as planned, the gift doesn't arrive but stays in transit from 2pm until the next day at 11:30am. The order was for within the prescribed local areas of the same day delivery deal (Newmarket, which was flashing on the site as one of the areas) and was ordered at 9am (so before the 1pm deadline) so there shouldn't have been any issues with delivering it on time. I contacted... More...
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  • Horrible

    Order was to be delivered for the 14th, guaranteed delivery. Nothing was delivered. It was my first valentines and stupid me, I used bloomex. I got an email on order confirmation, package in transit, nothing delivered. Good job Bloomex!!! I called the customer service side and told them this scenario, they said that they have over 1000's of delivery, maybe they couldn't make it and then hung up on me. CALL ME AND TELL ME THAT THEY CANNOT MAKE IT Talk about loving their job Never again with Bloomex More...
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  • Fresh Flowers

    I ordered red roses to be delivered to the Royal York hotel in Toronto for my wife on Valentine's Day. When we arrived there were no flowers. I went to my email and found a tracking number. When I followed up I was told they didn't know where the Royal York was despite having the full postal address. Then they tried to blame it on the hotel that they wouldn't accept the flowers. Finally I was told the flowers where taken back to the distribution centre and they would try to deliver them on Feb 15th! You have got to be kidding me! This is the WORST company every -- DO NOT DEAL... More...
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    bought flowers for my wife 2 weeks ago for Valentines Day.. I even had a separate order delivered to the Restaurant. When I arrived home from work @ 4PM on Valentines Day, the flowers had not been delivered. We had a 6:30PM booking for the restaurant so I decided to call Bloomex on both the 1800 and Sydney numbers provided. I finally got through after over an hour wait time only to my surprise the customer support personnel says "hello" and two seconds later hangs up on me. By that time, i figured OK not to panic as we were on schedule for t he restaurant booking. Upon arrival at... More...
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  • Poor flowers/customer service and many lies

    Received a gift basket for a birthday surprise. All the flowers were dead/in poor condition. Asked for some sort of replacement and they offered a gift basket instead of flowers. Received another poor flower set. Called back again and was told we would receive a gift basket to make up for the poor quality of the flowers x2. Have not received the basket. Called the company and was told they could not help or resolve the issue by a different manager!!!! Awful customer service. Beware!!! More...
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    I ordered a bouquet of flowers that was supposed to include a vase&card to be delivered that same afternoon as advertised on Bloomex's website. They were not delivered until the next morning left on the step it was -25 outside so the flowers we frozen & they were NOT the flowers I ordered no vase no card! When I contacted Bloomer they said they would redelivery through following Tuesday ... the original order was Wednesday! I asked them to cancel the order & was told the would not credit my credit card but would give me a $25 Bloomer credit. I SPENT $50 ! BLOOMEX STOLE... More...
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  • Bloomex SCAM

    If you want to lose your money buying flowers at please, go ahead. If you want to be Mocked by customer service ( Matt), please buy flowers from If you want to deal with an IGNORANT customer service please contact and ask for Matt, feel sorry for you buddy , deserve you . I am reporting this to MasterCard for their records, as this site/bussiness is a SCAM More...
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