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Bloomex is a Canadian Online Flower Delivery company, offering various floral and gift arrangements throughout Canada and the U.S. via its online computerized system. The Bloomex website acts as a storefront allowing consumers worldwide to place orders online themselves, chat with a live agent or place orders through a 1-800 number. Bloomex has same day delivery to almost any location in Canada, and orders can be placed 24 hours a day. Bloomex has production facilities located in major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. Bloomex has 2 new divisions, Flowers Wholesale which offers flowers in bulk to the general population and Bloomex Wedding Flowers, where they have wedding consultants to help with wedding flower selections.

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Bloomex Reviews

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  • HORRIBLE Company - Bloomex

    WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Ordered flowers for my mother-in-laws birthday in April, nice arrangement with a mason jar as a vase, well unless she cut them in half they would never have fit. That was the least of the problems.....delivered to the WRONG ADDRESS - Senior MIL had to drive to a strangers house to pick up her flowers!!!! Forget trying to get anyone on the phone, they will only speak to you to take your order and your money, once the order is placed if you have ANY problems they will not speak to you......they direct you to on-line chat or email. I have done both numerous... More...
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    I ordered flowers close to but before the cut-off for same-day delivery, so I requested and received confirmation by email, in addition to the emailed purchase order, that delivery would be that same day. After trying unsuccessfully all the next day to confirm delivery with the friendly and apologetic online chat staff, I asked to cancel the order so I could place a new order to a new address and was told a manager would call me the next morning. Normally, an apology for any inconvenience is the absolute minimum response to a customer's concerns. There was no apology or even... More...
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  • Bloomex Gift Baskets

    I ordered the Godiva II Gift basket and paid extra for a balloon. The basket was advertised as being $139.99 on sale for $49.99, that should have tipped me off right there. The balloon was small a deflated, just shoved in the basket and what was supposed to be an assortment of Godiva Chocolates turned out to be 5 dark chocolate bars. After doing Live Chat,that took forever, I was asked to send a picture. The response I got back was that they could substitute. You don't advertise something as a collection and then send 5 of the same item. I was very embarrassed and disappointed.... More...
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  • Bloomex only guarantee is disappointment

    Placed an order for next day delivery with Bloomex, paid with credit card including $15 delivery. I checked to see if flowers were delivered and was told by chat operator that they were damaged by FED EX in transit and un deliverable. No notification prior to my chat session(which lasted nearly an hour) from Bloomex or FED EX about the mishap. The chat operator asked if I wanted to send them again or get a store credit, never mentioning who would pay the cost of the second delivery. Tried calling on phone and was disconnected twice, told by chat operator a manager would phone and I'm... More...
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  • Bloomex is TERRIBLE

    I ordered flowers in advance for my mom's birthday. I received a confirmation email saying they would be delivered on July 8th between 12 and 5 pm. Today is July 9th and she hasn't received them. When I contacted them via the online chat, they said my mom's address was outside the local delivery area and the flowers could not be delivered until July 11th. WOW. I am extremely disappointed because I wanted to surprise my mom with flowers for her birthday. I have requested a full refund but who knows if/when I will get it. The customer service for this place is atrocious -... More...
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  • order 20666068

    This seems to be a trend with this company, flowers not being delivered on the promised date, flowers that are wilted due to the fact they have been sitting in a box probably for a couple of days as I am sure they were overwhelmed with orders, so as other reviewers say, do not accept anymore orders and most definitely do not charge people for rush delivery when it cannot be done! I received my order from my daughter late with wilted flowers and shattered flower vase which I am sure she paid extra for. I have now waited over 1 week with emailed pictures, phone calls and live chat and still... More...
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  • Waste of time and money

    Purchased cake and flowers for birthday and firstly they gave the wrong tracking number. Kept trying to get the correct one on Live Chat and after waiting for a very long time, a CSR by the name of Samantha came up and had me waiting again for over 10 minutes. When I asked how much longer, she was quite rude so I closed the window on her. When the items were received, the cake was rotting and inedible, the flowers were dried up and very few even though I had ordered the largest size. I took photos and emailed it to Bloomex who said they were sorry for the inconvenience and offered a... More...
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    I ordered mothers day flowers and cake from and paid extra for them to be delivered between 9am - 12pm however, they never delivered AT ALL. I called every number but their shitty line is closed on Sunday. ITS THE BIGGEST SCAM online and i will warn you to not fall for their deals. i called the next day and they have no HUMAN that will hear your frustration -- you have to go to their DATED website and "chat" with some idiot behind the computer. i would recommend flowers from the grocery store over this. More...
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  • Bloomex florist

    I was going to order a mothers day arrangement for my mom. I chose the bouquet and price point when I went to checkout it wouldnt pull up my order. I did the on line chat and spoke with Ben. He offered to place my order for me. When delivery came up $19.98 a delivery tax fee of $3.00 I was disappointed. I asked him which store in my city the delivery comes from. He immediately said you cant pick it up. I said I want it delivered but would like to know the store name. He said something weird like business property rules he couldnt tell me that. I said Im not comfortable with the... More...
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  • Bloomex is Bad Business

    DO NOT ORDER FROM BLOOMEX I%u2019ve ordered from this company six times and only once did the flowers received match what I ordered. I tried them so many times because I understand the flowers advertised aren%u2019t always available but the last few orders have been so disappointing, that never again will I order from them. On Mother%u2019s Day the flowers I ordered from Bloomex for my mother arrived and were dead. All of them. And not newly dead, but dead and rotting and smelling badly. I recently ordered flowers for my best friends%u2019 50th. I ordered the 100 orchids which were... More...
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  • Bloomex a complete waste of time!

    Feb 15th holds a sentimental place in our family. It is the day my father passed away. This year we would be remembering this as the 15th anniversary of his death. I am painfully aware of the poor timing as it is the day after valentines. This year I wanted to send my mother a bouquet of flowers on this day to just say I'm thinking about you. I went on-line as I live in Ontario and she lives in British Columbia. I have used Bloomex in the past a never really thought twice. My mother has this amazing habit of taking pictures and sending them to show me what the flowers looked... More...
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  • Bloomex Canada

    I ordered flowers for my mom that I paid extra to be delivered the same day, and instead it was two days late, and they were almost dead, did not look like the picture at all. When I called to complain, the man I spoke to said he was Joey Fernandez and was the "manager" and refused to give me more than $5 back from a $60 order, and then just hung up on me saying I was rude to complain. More...
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  • Bloomex Canada (Vancouver): No Delivery No Response No Refund

    Ordered Valentines Flowers (Red Roses) and Gourmet Chocolate gift basket on Feb 10, 2017 for delivery of Feb 14, 2017, charged my credit card. BEWARE do not order form this company they take your money and do not delivery the items ordered. Nothing has been delivered it is now Feb 16 2017. Made numerous phone calls which leads to voicemail and emails. No one from this company has called back and or emailed back. Took my money with no products and cant seems to get a hold of anyone to get a refund. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! More...
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    Ordered flowers for my gf to be delivered to her work by the time she got off which is 5pm. Their delivery said (12pm-5pm) they did not get delivered therefore the valentines surprise I had was ruined. Their customer service didn't even have the decency to reply back to me. This was a fu**in joke. Never will I ever order from this garbage site again. More...
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  • Bloomex Flower Delivery

    Ordered FLowers at 8:30 (aprox) in the morning for a morning delivery, the extra delivery fee was extensive - nearly a third 1/3 of the entire purchase. (Ottawa store was only a few blocks away). The Flowers did not arrive until 1:30 in the afternoon. The blue vase in the picture is not included, ordered an extra blue vase which was never delivered. Called for a refund for the extra delivery charge and the blue vase that was never sent - call centre employee could not provide the refund, only a "note" with no promises. A 98$ order no less More...
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  • ID of sender

    The tag that came with the flowers was folded over and stapled. The ID and the message from the sender was inside the stapled part. There is small type showing that says "Lift/Lever (Card Message)" but it looks like part of the logo. So while the bouquet was beautiful, we didn't know who sent it for 2 days. I can understand why the MESSAGE should be hidden, but the ID of the sender should be included with all the other info that is visible, to avoid confusion. More...
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  • Customer service issues

    I have a Virtual visa, so it was not initially accepted, which I expected. So, I then used my boyfriend Visa to complete the order, but was required to call them to give them that information. When you call you are given an automated message that steps you through a very simple process and then you are put on hold to talk to someone, but when you are actually given someone, YOU CANT HEAR THEM ON THE PHONE. I had to call multiple times until I was given to someone that I could actually hear. More...
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  • Wrong delivery date of flowers from Bloomex

    A friend ordered flowers to be delivered for Mothers Day through Bloomex. He was told that delivery would be May 1-13 but they arrived April 28th. When I called Bloomex to find out why flowers arrived way too early when there was a card inside that they must have written that acknowledged the flowers were for Mothers Day,they could not find the order. Kept insisting there must be an order number on the box but there wasn't. Orders are just left on front doorstep in the sun, no one even rings the doorbell.Flowers that were delivered on Mothers Day from my son were substandard quality. More...
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  • Always late

    I have ordered through this company twice. Both orders were placed on a Monday for a delivery on Friday. Both times I paid extra for my flowers to arrive between 9-12. The first time I ordered it arrived at 1:00. Not too bad Its Friday they are busy and it was for Mothers day. BUT my most recent order was over 4 hours late! Not Happy! The reason I chose 9-12 is because I knew the person getting the flowers would be there..! Not happy.. I will not be ordering through them again. Also product not as pictured and vases are extra. More...
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  • Delivery not as paid for...

    I ordered flowers for my wife on Mothers Day. I was away on business and this was important to me to send something special. I ordered through Bloomex. The flowers were delivered 1 day after mothers Day and the flowers that my wife received were not Boxed Long stem Red Roses. They were ordinary pink and white roses. I wrote customer service to complain. I did not receive a reply. I now see by the reviews that I am not the only one that did not get the service or product that paid for. More...
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  • NOT IMPRESSED with their service.

    I am not too pleased with Bloomex right now. I paid by VISA. Didn't get receipt from order taker as she wrote wrong e-mail address. The flowers sent to my relative at the hospital were wrong. Wrong flowers, wrong signed card - my aunt got someone else's order! She got lillies which she is allergic to - and they are a flower that is not welcomed in hospitals for their pungent smell. I contacted live chat. Took for-ever for someone to answer it. I asked Bloomex for a refund, but the flower order had to be returned to them first and they charge $9.99 to get it! It was their own... More...
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  • Bloomex attempts to make good on errors, yet fails again

    This is the 2nd chapter to my original review of Bloomex entitled "Purely Premium Basket." In short, the gourmet food basket I ordered for x-mas for my in-laws was not delivered for an entire week despite my receiving an e-mail saying it had been delivered successfully. It took me forever to get any help (hours spent on e-mails and phone). Finally, In frustration I sent an e-mail to Michelle (sp?) the head of public relations for bloomex. She was apologetic and helpful, although I was refused the refund I was seeking, she did give me a credit, but what really impressed me was her... More...
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