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Bloomex Support Ticket - switching items in food basket

Bloomex Support Ticket

switching items in food basket - purely premium food basket

Created By: aaaa's Picture aaaa Last Reply: aaaa's Picture aaaa
Priority Level: [Low] Status: [Open]
Created: 9 years ago Last Updated: 9 years ago
Department: Customer Service Replies: 2
Product: purely premium food basket

It seems Bloomex has been out of cheese and savory items for a couple of months now...why aren't customers simply told of this when ordering and thus given the choice whether or not to proceed? To date, I've had 3 'wrong' baskets sent due to lack of product...

bloomex's policy considering the above, to charge customers for a pick-up charge when the wrong item is delivered is ridiculous. If it's clear the error is on the part of bloomex, should they not take responsibility for it?


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Ticket Replies

BloomexPR says: (9 years ago)
Dear Faye,

We are apologetic of your situation. In keeping with our substitution policy, we sent chocolates in place of cheese, as we were sold out of cheese. As a token of appreciation for your patronage, we told you to keep the gift baskets and enjoy them at no cost to you, we also gave you a full credit to use on a future order.

Bloomex Quality Assurance Team

aaaa says: (9 years ago)
Bloomex's 'policy' states: We may substitute with items of GREATER VALUE, and Items of SIMILARITY....Clearly in these cases and many, many I've read about online, this is a policy that's NOT being adhered to. chocolate in my opinion is not 'similar' to cheese...and the tiny chocolates you sent were hardly on par re: value as the large assortment of gourmet cheese that was to be in the 148.00 basket I ordered.

Bloomex constantly appears to be substituting items of far lower value in place or what's actually been paid for. This is fraudulent activity.

The very nature of this business, dictates that very often the recipient and sender will not have a discussion regarding exact contents of flower arrangement or food basket reeived...If in fact I would not have had indepth diologue with my recipient on this issue..I would never have known what had been sent, and would have simply paid an exorbitant price for a tiny basket of cookies and chocolate...in the end it turns out that I paid an exorbitant price for 3 small baskets of low budget/stale cookies and chocolates...items I DID NOT WANT.

The gift baskets were incredibly skimpy..and not at ALL what I ordered. To take the attitude that 'allowing' my recipient to 'keep' them...and that somehow this is an incredibly gracious act is ridiculous. I did not order these items...If I had wanted baskets of these types I would have ordered them in the first place.

If you order a blue sweater online and receive a pair of cheap shoes instead..are you supposed to feel satisfied just because you got 'something'?..No, people order specific items and expect to GET specific items.

Regarding the credit....I used it (with difficulty as it was not listed on my account)...and once again, received a tiny/stale basket of cookies and chocolate...a whole month later and ..no cheese whatsoever.

You also made a very nice gesture of sending me an arrangement of flowers as an apology..only problem was..they were half dead upon arrival...

This company has major issues regarding both customer service and it's product.

I was told the latest basket would be picked up and I'd receive a refund. The basket still sits at my recipients home, untouched and I've been informed that the customer service rep. who told me "I'd be receiving a full refund minus the pick-up fee" was wrong.

This company has disgusting policies and a complete lack of customer care. I cannot imagine holding a positin on the "quality assurance team" and being able to sleep at night, considering the ways in which this company scams it's customers on a daily basis.

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